Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day

Every Valentine’s Day I say “Next Year, I am going to do the whole Valentine’s Day Thing”.

And every year as it gets closer, I think “I really don’t want to do anything”. And then I feel bad that I don’t want to do anything. But, I always wonder, what is the whole Valentine’s Day thing anyway? What is the perfect thing? Who are the people that say “I love Valentine’s Day?”

What are we supposed to do? Get each other chocolate? Leave each other note’s that say “I love you?” I am asking you? I don’t want to let another year go by where I feel like I am doing it wrong. I want to know what goes on in the world. Most of my friends don’t do anything... so, I really want to know. Should I be asking my husband for a necklace with a heart shaped pendant like the commercials say? A stuffed animal? Really?

I believe in Love and I believe in celebrating it, but I am hoping that there are people like me who are tired of feeling like, I’m doing it wrong when it comes to these days. I remember the days of not having anyone on Valentine’s Day and feeling like I was the only one. I vowed that when I found him, I would always go out on Valentine’s Day. And then you have kids!

Last year, I made reservations at a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles, I invited all my friends with kids to come, and we reserved a private room. I thought we should celebrate the day of love with our kids. It was beautiful, we had menus printed up, we all got dolled up, my friends sons wore suits and brought me and my daughter roses… it was beautiful. 5 minutes in, the kids were bored and hungry. They were out of their seats and running around the room. I couldn’t eat fast enough; I really didn’t love my kid or my friend’s kids AT ALL.

All we all wanted was to get home and get in our PJ’s.

I don’t want to feel bad that I would love nothing more than having my hubby and daughter with me on the couch watching a movie about love & eating something very fattening… shaped in a heart of course. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


Below you will find a list of charities broken down into categories. You can also visit the following online guide to browse through countless charities and ensure you are donating to a trusted source:

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A message to our soldiers from my daughter

Dear soldiers my name is Sofia,  I am seven I live in California  thank  you   for  fighting for us  I think you are  very brave  I  hope you get home safe  your friend Sofia